Save 40% - 80%
On Your Refrigeration & Energy Costs

Reduce utility bills on average by 40% – 80%

Reduce refrigeration maintenance costs by 50%

Reduce footprint & CO2 emissions by 30%

You’re here for a reason.
And, your intuition is correct.

For over 30 years, the story of operating a business that relies on refrigeration equipment has meant experiencing repeated breakdowns, endless service calls, and paying the high-costs associated with it all. Thankfully, the story has a happy ending.

Say ‘Hello’ to Energy Earnings!

At Hill Valley Energy, every decision we make is inspired by our vision: to empower a community of businesses to make climate conscious decisions, that builds a better world for today and tomorrow.

We help cold storage facilities, arenas, grocery stores and commercial buildings reduce their refrigeration operational costs by 40% – 80% and eliminate unnecessary breakdowns & maintenance costs.

Introducing The OLPP Refrigeration Revolution

The Oxford Low Pressure Platform (OLPP). A revolutionary system proven to outsmart energy loss and outperform a lifetime of service calls.

The OLPP optimizes old legacy refrigeration systems with advanced controls and sensor technologies, that utilizes a low-pressure refrigerant with a low global warming potential.

The OLPP fundamental design approach is to maintain the lowest technically feasible operating refrigerant pressure differentials at all times, while minimizing internal heat generation.

Traditional refrigeration system

  • High cost of energy to operate
  • Use of high GWP refrigerant
  • Costly service calls
  • Costly maintenance programs
  • Inconsistent temperatures
  • Inability to monitor and prevent faults

Low pressure refrigeration

  • Guaranteed up to 80% energy savings
  • Use of eco-friendlier refrigerant
  • Eliminate service calls
  • Eliminate high cost maintenance programs
  • Consistent temperature
  • On board fault detection and analytics

<em>$38,000</em> Annual Savings

Reduced utility bills by 77%


Reduced repair bills over 80%


$38,000 Annual Savings

<em>$35,376</em> Annual Savings

Reduced utility bills by 66%


Reduced repair bills over 80%


$35,376 Annual Savings

Take Advantage of Available Provincial and National Incentives

Ontario businesses are eligible for cash incentives to cover a portion of energy efficiency upgrades.

Contact us to learn how much available Provincial funding your building qualifies for through the IESO’s Save On Energy program!

Watch John Pym Save 73% On Energy

Imagine cutting your hydro bill by 73%? Proud to say we did it – and got it on video! Watch how we helped John Pym, owner of Pym’s Village Market in Wellesley, ON, reduce his energy and operational costs.

OLPP Featured in the AEE

The OLPP platform was recently featured in the 2020 Association of Energy Engineers (AEE)International Journal of Strategic Energy & Environmental Planning publication. Read the article on Commercial Implementation of the Low Pressure Platform with Low GWP Refrigerant.

  • Proven method to reduce energy use up to 80%
  • Meets & exceeds all refrigerant regulations across North America
  • Exempt from governing body regulations for field certified pressure tests, required by the TSSA

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6 Simple Steps To Savings


Site Visit — We evaluate and audit your building’s current equipment to identify efficiency opportunities.


Proposal — Your information provides direction for recommendations, savings calculations & payback potential.


Presentation — Together we will look closely at the opportunities for your group to consider.


Funding — Provincial programs and incentives, institutional lending and private lending potentials.


Installation — We install your new OLPP refrigeration system and monitoring platform.


Savings — Instantly reduce energy and maintenance costs with a flip of a switch.